APRS Online Services

APRS-IS services are services provided by individuals via the Internet that can be accessed from an APRS client anywhere in the world. Some services, like the NWS weather server, automatically generate APRS messages that are valuable to emergency operations on RF. Others provide capabilities like accessing the Internet email network.

?APRST and ?PING? Directed Query Support

Have you ever wondered how you were being seen on APRS-IS or if your signal was making it to APRS-IS? Send a directed query to CQSRVR, EMAIL, EMAIL-2, or WHO-IS to see your path as seen by those servers. In other words, if I send a message to CQSRVR from my handheld (AE5PL-7) with the content of ?APRST, I should expect a message response from CQSRVR that will contain the path that CQSRVR saw (see below). Note that you will see the path exactly as CQSRVR sees it which will include the q construct followed by the "port-of-entry".