IGates World-Wide

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You may download Java for Linux and Windows from Oracle
Key/Mouse Commands (case-insensitive)
Movement Commands
(Shift key increases zoom/scrolling times 2)
CTRL-click (mouse)centers map on clicked location
ALT-click (mouse)
zooms in on clicked location
Arrow keysscrolls map
U or PGUPzooms up (wider view)
D or PGDNzooms down (narrower view)
Display/List commands
Lists are displayed in the Java Console
Left click (mouse)Displays station info located on clicked location on status line
Nlists info on last station clicked on
T Centers map on last station clicked on. Map will remain centered on that station.
RShows dead reckoned line for last station clicked on
CDraw range circles
Llists stations heard
Wlists only weather station reports
Blists beacons
Ilists ID reports
Mlists last 25 messages